Mortgage Lingo 101 – What is a Lien?


In our Mortgage Lingo 101 video series, we define commonly used mortgage terms in the industry. In this next episode, we define the term “Lien.”

What is a Lien?

You may hear this term used by a mortgage professional when they say, “We need to pay off the existing lien on your home,” or “This mortgage takes first lien position on your property.”

A lien is a claim made on a property in order to satisfy a debt. Liens are often applied to real estate, although other situations may exist. For the mortgage industry, we will explain how a mortgage affects a lien on a property.

Lien on Property

A mortgagee, such as Traditions Mortgage, will require a lien to protect their interests in the property. In the case of your homeowner’s insurance, also called hazard insurance, the mortgagee will require the insurance agent to list them in a lien position to ensure that the debt, or mortgage, will be satisfied in the case of the property loss.

In simpler terms, a lien protects the lender and is required for the duration of the mortgage term. Once the loan is paid off, the lien is removed.

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