What is your relationship with money?

After you’ve taken the Financial Personality Indicator, learn more about the personality or personalities you relate to the most by reading the descriptions below. By embracing your strengths and recognizing your challenges, you can take control of your financial future and feel more confident in your relationship with money.

The Indicator will also provide you with a Financial Preparedness number. Knowing more about “where you are” will help avoid discouragement by beginning with goals that are realistic and attainable.

Security Keeper

“Life is unpredictable, so you have to work hard, be smart, and do everything you can to be prepared and protect your money.”

Security Keepers are the organizers of their home and work environment. They are the keepers of the checkbook, in charge of the household finances, and are the ones in charge of keeping everything running ship-shape. They enjoy being useful and of service. They like to feel prepared.

Security Keepers are known for being responsible, economical, structured, stable, reliable, loyal, and detail-oriented. (You’re the ones we count on to remember birthdays, anniversaries, know where our favorite shirt is and to have directions to where we’re going.) Security Keepers don’t like change, especially change for no good reason. They also don’t like surprises. (Beware of throwing this woman a surprise party– let us know how THAT goes for you.) Careful decision-makers, Security Keepers will do their homework before making any big financial decisions. They can be very black and white, with a strong sense of right and wrong. They’re excellent at spotting and preventing problems. They aren’t known for their delegation skills since they know, frankly, they will do a better job than anyone else. (And they’re usually right since they have a perfectionist streak.)

Financial Strengths

Security Keepers are disciplined, industrious, detail-oriented, conservative, good at saving, budgeting, and bargain shopping. They are good at living within their means. They are careful decision-makers who think through all of the consequences.

Financial Challenges

Security Keepers are focused on not making mistakes. While Security Keepers tend to be organized, and on top of the day-to-day money matters like paying the bills and being mindful of a budget, they may lack a future-focused outlook designed to maximize growth opportunities. Because they trust their inner guidance so much, they may not act on recommendations from other financial professionals if they feel those professionals don’t fully understand their situation or share their values. Security Keepers can also be so debt averse that they miss out on important opportunities that credit can provide.

Relationship Protector

“It’s important to plan ahead to make sure you have enough money to take care of yourself, the people you love and to fulfill your life’s purpose.”

Relationship Protectors are empathetic, intuitive and idealistic. They value relationships above everything else in their lives. They are natural connectors, mentors, and teachers.

Compassionate people, they have a nurturing and encouraging nature and hate to disappoint people. They truly enjoy helping others reach their full potential. Relationship Protectors despise conflict and are often the peacemaker making sure everyone gets along. They seek harmony.

Relationship Protectors have a lot of things competing for their time and attention, and money management may not be one of them. That said, Relationship Protectors are careful decision-makers. They think through how their decisions will impact others, and they take their responsibilities seriously. They may be wondering how on earth they’re going to retire. Money is important to Relationship Protectors in order to take care of themselves and their family. It’s important for them to NOT have to depend on others. They don’t want to be a burden on those they love. Money is also important to support their passions and ensure they achieve their life purpose. They are very focused on making a difference in the world.

Financial Strengths

Because Relationship Protectors are often the caretakers, they are seeking financial security for themselves and their family. Their desire to protect themselves, their family and to avoid mistakes leads them to be fairly cautious and responsible when it comes to money.

Financial Challenges

Making money for money’s sake has probably never been a priority for Relationship Protectors. They usually have a higher calling that’s about making a difference in the world vs. just making a profit. They may not have a set system or budget set up. It’s not that they aren’t conscientious, but simply that other priorities take up their time and focus. Their hatred of conflict may keep them from having important discussions and addressing financial problems with loved ones. They often put the financial needs of others above their own. They know they need a long-term plan in place but may not have taken steps to set it up.

Opportunity Seeker

“A strategic, comprehensive plan for the future helps you make smarter decisions so you have financial independence and the money to live the lifestyle you choose.”

Opportunity Seekers are very independent, driven, and focused on the future. They enjoy challenges, problem-solving and finding more efficient ways to do things. It makes them crazy to waste time. Quality of life is important and money allows them to have that. They want their home to be welcoming, well furnished and efficiently run. They are curious about the world and finding ways to understand it better.

Opportunity Seekers enjoy learning about financial options and strategies. They need a way to measure their progress and check their financial statements often. They are often focused on trying to find ways to retire early. Opportunity Seekers like to come to their own conclusions and can be skeptical. They are very decisive and quick to share their opinion. They love a lively and challenging conversation. You’ll often find them climbing the ladder in corporate American, or running their own business, or heading up a busy household.

Financial Strengths

Opportunity Seekers are future-focused planners. They have a long-range perspective. They are good at setting goals and coming up with plans and systems to achieve them. Opportunity Seekers also tend to be career-focused or pair up with career-driven partners. Making and managing money is a priority. They are quick to act when they see financial opportunities.

Financial Challenges

Opportunity Seekers are sometimes so focused on gains they take on a lot of risks. They hate missing out on an opportunity. They are very independent and like to make their own decisions. But they might be able to benefit from the guidance of a trusted professional. They are also not known for their patience and may get frustrated if they don’t meet their financial goals on their timeline.

Freedom Finder

“Life isn’t about accumulating money. It’s about accumulating experiences. It’s important to enjoy life today instead of putting things off until “someday” or “when I retire.”

For Freedom Finders, it’s about enjoying life, expressing yourself, being flexible and spontaneous. These people can’t be put into a box, they are too multi-faceted. Work is something they get through so they can devote their time to what they really care about, which is self-expression, fun, hobbies and experiencing life.

Shopping, fashion, cooking, making art, traveling, watching movies – this is where their passion lies. Freedom Finders are focused on the here and now. They live in the moment. They don’t focus on the future.

They are easy-going, creative, self-expressive people who don’t like to be labeled or constrained. They can’t stand to be bored and hate repetition and predictability. Money is not high on their priority list. It’s merely a means to an end. Managing money is not something they enjoy. When not avoiding money matters completely, Freedom Finders look for fast and easy ways to deal with financial tasks — like online banking, easy ATM access, and multiple credit cards. Their “act first, think later” bias lets Freedom Finders move quickly on buying opportunities, but they don’t read the fine print and may pay the price later. If they see something they like and want, they act quickly to move on it before someone else does.

Financial Strengths

Freedom Finders are people of action who don’t over-think things. They like anything that makes their monetary life easier and simpler, such as online banking, automatic deposits, credit and debit cards at the ready, and overdraft protection. If they can put something in place and not have to think about it, even better.

Financial Challenges

Creating and sticking to a budget is something Freedom Finders don’t enjoy in the least. Credit card debt can sometimes spiral out of control if they’re only making minimum payments. Freedom Finders know they need to pay more attention to their finances, but there are so many other more important priorities. This can lead to a lack of money management, increasing amounts of debt, and a lack of financial planning for the future.


Not everyone fits neatly into a single personality type.

Women have many dimensions and because the Financial Personality Indicator reflects these complexities, it’s not uncommon for the result to be Blended.

While Blended personalities may seem a bit more “complicated” at first, it’s because they are able to adjust and switch gears quickly. These are the friends to call for advice when you have tough decisions to make. They are adaptable, can look at a situation from all angles and offer valuable perspective.

If your results indicated more than one personality, look at the characteristics for each of those types to learn more.

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