Traditions Mortgage Celebrates Ten Years


Highlighting a Decade of Service to our Communities

It’s hard to believe that ten years have passed since the founding of our mortgage division, now known as Traditions Mortgage. In 2010, Teresa Gregory, president of Traditions Mortgage, approached Mike Kochenour, Traditions Bank’s Founder and Chairman, with what she believed was a fresh approach to the mortgage process. She said, “our community needed a strong leader making decisions in our community, there is little room for getting to know the customer and their situation. Customers are just names on paper, not people with a story.”

How We Started

Starting with one other employee, Pat Joseph, Traditions Mortgage began building a local market presence and helping prospective buyers reach their homeownership goals. As the division grew, we continued to add great lenders and back-office staff with that same commitment to growth and the Bank’s Core Values. In 2019, we added two mortgage sales managers, Kathy Brown and Rich Lowry. Brown and Lowry are longtime members of the Traditions Bank family and have years of experience in the industry. They provide mentorship, guidance, and support to the mortgage partners on their teams. In early 2020, Kristi Riley-Platt was promoted to Director of Mortgage Operations. Riley-Platt oversees all processing, underwriting, closing, and post-closing for mortgages. “We have tremendous lenders, who are supported by a whole staff of people who perform the ‘magic’ behind-the-scenes, ensuring mortgages close for our customers,” said Riley-Platt.

Key Relationships with Industry Experts

Dr. Gregory says one of the essential keys to our mortgage division’s success would be building relationships with our industry partners. In York County, we are fortunate to have the York Builders Association and the Realtors Association of York and Adams County. Both provide standards of excellence for our industry.


Community service is at the heart of what we do at Traditions Bank and Traditions Mortgage. All of our mortgage partners and most of our administrative staff volunteer in our community and service on industry committees and boards.

How COVID-19 Changed the Way We Do Business

Earlier this year, when COVID-19 quickly changed our world, our entire mortgage team demonstrated their dedication to providing superior customer service. Our team re-engineered their workflow within days to allow for CDC guidelines with our clients and how we work with our colleagues.
“Traditions Mortgage was born to meet a challenge, and we will continue to do so with whatever may arise,” said Gregory.
They continue to provide excellent service while working remotely and juggling the many challenges that evolve.

While much has changed since our mortgage division began, we’ve remained focused on creating relationships, providing excellent customer service, and remaining an industry leader in the local marketplace. When asked what she’s most proud of, Gregory said, “it’s the number of first-time homebuyers we’ve been able to help. We’ve heard their stories and walked alongside them in their journey. We’re so proud of that.”

Looking Toward the Future

What’s next for Traditions Mortgage? We will continue to expand on the strong relationships we’ve built in the last ten years. With the addition of mortgage partners, Dave Fuchs in Lancaster, and Kristen Lacy in the capital region, we will provide that local choice to homebuyers across Central PA.

Teresa Gregory Headshot

Teresa L. Gregory, DBA

President, Traditions Mortgage

NMLS #414909

Meet Teresa
Kristi Riley-Platt Headshot

Kristi Riley-Platt

Director of Mortgage Operations

Meet Kristi
Kathy Brown Headshot

Kathleen Brown

Mortgage Sales Manager

NMLS #1330847

Meet Kathleen
Rich Lowry Headshot

Rich Lowry

Mortgage Business Development Officer, St. Charles Way, York

NMLS #414901

Meet Rich
Lisa Cardone, York mortgage originator

Lisa Cardone

Senior Mortgage Partner, Eastern Boulevard, York

NMLS #439632

Meet Lisa
fiona eyster, mortgage originator in york and hanover

Fiona Eyster

Senior Mortgage Partner and Construction Expert, White Street, York

NMLS #783534

Meet Fiona
ed leckrone york mortgage originator

Ed Leckrone

Senior Mortgage Partner, Susquehanna Trail, York

NMLS #657426

Meet Ed
kim amberman, york mortgage originator

Kimberly Amberman

Senior Mortgage Partner, Downtown York

NMLS #414907

Meet Kimberly
Dave Fuchs, lancaster mortgage originator

Dave Fuchs

Regional Mortgage Sales Manager, Oregon Pike, Lancaster

NMLS #392924

Meet Dave
Brenda Hahn, hanover mortgage originator

Brenda Hahn

Senior Mortgage Partner, Eisenhower Drive, Hanover

NMLS #1337235

Meet Brenda
Hardy Hill, mortgage originator in central pa

Hardy Hill

Mortgage Partner, St. Charles Way, York & Traditions Mortgage Loan Office

NMLS #1879754

Meet Hardy
headshot of Kristen Lacy

Kristen Lacy

Mortgage Partner, Traditions Mortgage Loan Office

NMLS #1967952

Meet Kristen

Seth Robbins

Mortgage Partner

NMLS #1758055

Meet Seth
Photo of AJ Synder

Aren “AJ” Snyder

Mortgage Partner, Eastern Boulevard, York

NMLS #2179805

Meet Aren
Photo of Bobbi Hughes

Bobbi Hughes

Mortgage Partner, St. Charles Way, York

NMLS #1825574

Meet Bobbi
Photo of Ross Hockenberry

Ross Hockenberry

Mortgage Partner, Eisenhower Drive, Hanover

NMLS #2183108

Meet Ross
Dylan Marciano

Dylan Marciano

Mortgage Partner

NMLS #2283180

Meet Dylan
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