What is a CD?

Certificates of Deposit and Individual Retirement Accounts offer predictable returns on your investment that can help you meet your short- and long-term financial goals. Traditions Bank offers favorable rates and terms that will help you improve your initial investment in five years or less.

Traditions Bank offers terms for CDs from 7 days up to 60 months with competitive rates. With a minimum balance of only $500, it’s an excellent way to save for your future.

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Why invest in CDs?

A Certificate of Deposit is a lot like a savings account, but may offer a higher interest rate and has a fixed term of investment. You put a single deposit in for a predetermined amount of time, and when you remove it, you get a return on that investment. CDs can help you earn money for short-term goals, like a vacation or a down payment on a home. CDs are FDIC-insured, which makes them an attractive, low-risk option.

The excellent CD rates we provide at our Central PA locations make Certificates of Deposit a smart place to put any unplanned money you receive, such as a big tax refund or inheritance. You can talk to us about our many options to see which one will reap the most benefits for you.

Individual Retirement Accounts

We offer flexible IRA plans and our in-house specialists can help to determine what investments are right for you. Traditional, Roth, and Spousal IRAs can be opened using our competitive rate CDs or a number of other products. Ask about our IRA Money Market Account, an ideal way to build retirement savings systematically either through payroll deduction or over-the-counter deposits with amounts as little as $10 or less.

Whether you have questions or are ready to open an account, our Personal Banking team is here to help you. Stop by your nearest Traditions Bank branch today.

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