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Secure your account better with the new features in Mobile Banking


Our Mobile Banking App just added new security features and benefits!

You can update your Mobile Banking app for additional security features and benefits if you have a personal debit account with Traditions Bank.

While everyone secures their card in a purse or wallet, there are security breaches every day from businesses and companies who may have our private information stored in their financial servers. By upgrading your Traditions Bank Mobile Banking app, you can take advantage of unique features to monitor and secure your accounts.

Card On/Card Off – Leave your card in a restaurant or store? Log onto Mobile Banking and you can turn your card “off” for all purchases. This feature ensures the card cannot be used for unauthorized purchases. When you find the card you can simply log back into the app and turn the card “on” for purchases.

New Controls and Alerts – You live in a city, but your card was just used to purchase cattle feed?

With the card features in Mobile Banking, you can set special controls and alerts to identify out-of-the-ordinary purchases by location, merchant type, transaction types, and spend limits.

  • “My Location” will check if you are in the vicinity of the merchant where the card is being used, and “My Region” for geographic boundaries. It will go through if the in-person transaction meets all your control preferences.
  • “Merchant Controls” allows you can select which merchant types are allowed for transactions on your card. Examples of merchant types include department stores, entertainment, gas, etc.
  • “Transaction Controls” shows what transaction types are approved for your card, for example, in-store, online, and autopay transactions.
  • With “Spend Controls” you can cap your spending to stay on budget by setting your transaction and spending limits.

Add Travel Plans – Heading out of state or out of the country? Let us know of any travel plans by simply touching “Add Travel Plans”. You can add your destination, the day you arrive and when you will be home. This is all we need to ensure your funds are available on your trip.

Track Recurring Payments – Have you subscribed to many services you are unsure when you get charged? Under “Recurring Payments” you can view all the merchants that have your card stored for a subscription service. There is also a “Card on File” tab that showcases every merchant that has stored your card for future use (e.g., online shopping, ridesharing, food delivery). This ensures that only trusted merchants have your data!

Add Cards to your digital wallet Easily add cards to Apple Pay or Google Pay by tapping “Add to Apple Pay” or “Add to Google Pay”. You will be brought outside your mobile app to your operating system’s interface where your card’s information is pre-filled. All you need to do is tap “Next” to add it to your digital wallet. To set it as your default card for digital purchases, tap “Use as Default Card.”

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