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Careers in Community Banking

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Careers in Community Banking

As an HR recruiter, you get to talk to high school and college students about their future career goals. Not surprisingly, many haven’t considered a career in banking as an option. With online and mobile banking becoming more commonplace among emerging professionals, many students haven’t been exposed to the variety of career opportunities the banking industry offers. By exploring the benefits and starting points for students, they can begin to see the way to rewarding and lucrative careers in community banking, even for those who aren’t mathematicians or accountants.

Training and Personal Development

Banking provides opportunities for professionals just starting, with or without a college degree or prior banking experience. A new associate can expect to receive flexible training options for their position, including online, classroom, or on-the-job training, to ensure that they receive a comprehensive education and are poised for success and growth.

As an added incentive, Traditions Bank offers tuition reimbursement for those seeking college degrees, potentially reducing (or preventing) student loan debt while earning a salary.

Community Banking Career Growth and Advancement

Traditions Bank offers various job opportunities with clear career paths for growth and progression.

There are various career paths available in banking beyond the branch environment. Associates with an entrepreneurial spirit can opt to become lending officers, possibly earning commissions and having control over their earning potential. Those who are creatively inclined can explore a bank marketing career. For individuals passionate about technology, there are opportunities to develop and maintain customer-facing and business-sustaining financial technology. In addition, accountants, operations specialists, and data analysts all play essential roles in the banking industry workforce.

At Traditions Bank, we want everyone to reach their fullest potential. Our associates have access to state-of-the-art career planning tools to assist them in designing a customized career path. Associates can grow and develop new skills for higher-level positions throughout the organization. We encourage our team to be their best selves and fully engage in their personal and professional development.

Not Only a Career, but a Purpose

Community banks, such as Traditions Bank, are focused on making a difference in the places where they live, play, and work. This business model emphasizes relationships with family, neighbors, non-profit organizations, and small to mid-size businesses. By reinvesting in the local community with tailored financial solutions such as small business loans or home mortgages, community bankers are helping people get their start, from first-time homeowners to startup businesses.

A career in community banking can offer pathways to professional fulfillment, growth, and the chance to be an instrumental player in shaping the financial landscape of the local economy. With diverse opportunities, continual skills development, and tangible impact, the banking industry remains an enticing choice for those seeking a robust and impactful career.

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