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Embracing the Journey – One businesswoman’s story of challenges, inspiration, and partnership


Embracing the Journey – One businesswoman’s story of challenges, inspiration, and partnership

Dr. Angela Marick, founder of Consciously Co-Creating, has gone through a journey of self-discovery and transformation throughout her life. She approaches life with a humble and hopeful heart, allowing herself to follow opportunities she would have never dreamed possible.

After graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic as her class valedictorian in 2003 and opening her chiropractic practice in 2010, Ange made a difference in her patients’ lives as a successful entrepreneur. She was fulfilled with her career and family – her husband, Josh, and their two young sons.

Dr. Marick reflects back to 2009, when Deb Dixon, former St. Charles Way Branch Manager, and Carolyn Schaefer, founder of Her Traditions, went to lunch with her to discuss starting her own business. “These ladies were so genuine and supportive,” she shares. “It was unfamiliar to me because I was being seen and didn’t feel I had to prove myself.”

After that meeting, she began a partnership with the team at Traditions Bank, where she relied on their guidance with her personal and business accounts and shared her community perspectives as a member of their Young Professionals Council.

kenyan woman posing
Dr. Marick’s friend, Josie, always dreamt of giving back to her community with a school for Kenyan children.

In July 2015, Angela’s world was upended as her husband Josh was unexpectedly diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer – Stage Four high-grade small-cell neuroendocrine carcinoma. Facing a challenge no one should have to experience, Ange had to navigate being the best wife and mother she could be until Josh tragically passed ten months later.

Throughout the ongoing healing process, Ange was pulled in a new direction. Throughout her early adult life, she had a true friend in her life coach, Dr. Troy, who consistently encouraged her to try new experiences and unlock her potential. With his guidance, she felt a calling to become a life coach.

But she isn’t stopping there. Angela’s newest venture is starting a non-profit called Joslin Collaborations (in honor of her late husband, Josh Lindenmuth). Three years ago, her brother moved to Kenya to help farmers grow pyrethrum for organic pesticide use, and Ange visited him. She fell in love with Africa and met a Nairobi woman named Josie.

construction of a school kitchen in kenya
Construction begins as Dr. Marick supports Josie’s vision of building a school in Kakamega, Kenya.

During her visits to Kenya, she found herself truly connected to Josie’s story and her heart. Josie was raised in poverty, but she had a vision to open an elementary school to give back to her community. Ange agreed to support Josie in this dream and co-open a school in Kakamega, Kenya.

With this newfound purpose, Ange wants to empower the children and their parents to help them uncover their “extraordinary beingness.” She wants to help heal the lingering wounds of colonialism in Kenya and increase literacy among the adults to show them there is hope.

“I am not doing this for the accolades,” Dr. Marick notes. “I am following my heart. I want to develop more unconditional love for people.”

Looking forward to her next steps, Dr. Marick states, “There are so many amazing women at Traditions Bank who have been a resource for me. I will look to them for guidance as I start my non-profit. I know I don’t have the answers to everything I will face, but I’m confident I have the right resources and relationships to guide me.”

The best journeys, whether professional or personal, are when you are surrounded by a great team and supported in your dreams.

Graphic: Shine a Light on Strong Women

Her Traditions strives to be a resource for women’s financial health and to celebrate and support women as we make our dreams a reality. As we focus on the vital role strong women play in our community, we encourage you to nominate women who inspire you.

Whether she is crushing it as a business owner, lifting others as a community builder, or inspiring women through leadership — we want to hear about it! Help us shine a light on strong women by sharing their stories.

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