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Workforce Development: 19 Days of Giving


Traditions Bank appreciates ALL of the nonprofits working hard to grow our workforce and advance education in our communes. During our 19th Anniversary Month, we spotlight and donate to 16 organizations that do this important work in the communities we serve.

This week, we highlighted organizations creating and implementing vital programs in workforce development, preparing both students and adults for the future. Each of the five organizations below received $1000 in appreciation of their efforts and honor of our customers.


Day of Giving #1

York County Literacy Council

York County Literacy Council teaches literacy skills in English to empower adults for successful engagement in the home, workplace, and community. York County Literacy Council makes a difference in the lives of our neighbors, including Martha… “My oath allegiance ceremony was on July 9, and this is my story… I am from Peru. I came to the US in 2013 as a tourist. I was sad to leave my country and very worried about my poor English. I was initially terrified when I went out to the store or went out to a restaurant. Communication was difficult for me because I’m (already) a shy person, and I would get so nervous so fast whenever other people talked. My youngest daughter, who is a citizen, filled out the application to change my status residence. I got my green card after one year; it was tough for me to get a job because I didn’t speak English and I didn’t have a driver’s license. I studied English in my country a long time ago when I was in high school, but I liked to learn English so much. My daughter signed me up to take an English class in the literacy council in Hanover. This class helped me a lot. I kept learning and practicing. I felt more confident to look for a job. After the pandemic, I am still I am taking online classes because I need to learn more. I feel that God gave me this opportunity, and I feel very happy. We have the resources available to study, and I believe that if you work hard and trust God, you can achieve your dreams. I put my heart and soul into everything I do and continue to enjoy my ESL class online. – Martha”


Day of Giving #2

New Hope Ministries

New Hope Ministries in Pennsylvania – New Hope Ministries is a Christian social service agency that shows the love and hope of Christ by serving our neighbors in times of need and supporting their efforts toward stability.

The people they serve may not qualify for public services but still may not be equipped to handle an emergency illness, car repair, divorce, job loss, or community health pandemic without plunging into a financial disaster or homelessness. Many of their guests are housing insecure and lack essentials such as food, funds for heat and other utilities, and access to basic and specialized medical care.

New Hope’s programs began as a community’s response to helping people in poverty have better lives. They work to meet people at their point of need to alleviate emergencies, promote stability through their food pantry and basic needs programs, and offer self-sufficiency training and workforce development to help their guests become self-sustaining.


Day of Giving #3

Spanish American Civic Association

SACA’s mission is to foster and perpetuate the cultural, social, and economic well–being of the Latinos residing in the City and County of Lancaster, and thereby contribute to the general well-being of the community at large.


Day of Giving #4

Partnership for Career Development

The mission of the Partnership for Career Development is to cultivate career connections for the workforce of the future. The Partnership for Career Development (PCD) is a collaborative effort of the CAIU, its member districts/technical schools, community businesses, agencies, and postsecondary partners. This Partnership works to build a system of K-12 career development, connect students to postsecondary options, and improve workforce and economic development in our region.


Day of Giving #5

CASA (in Pennsylvania)

CASA’s mission is to create a more just society by building power and improving the quality of life in working-class and immigrant communities.

“With CASA’s support, Amelia was able to obtain her citizenship and had been working full-time in a warehouse when the pandemic hit and her hours were cut. She learned about a job opening at a local business through CASA’s Facebook page and filled out the interest form. CASA assisted her in writing a resume to apply for the job. In her home county of Peru, she held a college degree and ran a successful business with her father. In the U.S., she had only worked in a warehouse, so she was excited about the opportunity to work in customer service. Our Workforce Development Coordinator connected Amelia and the company and supported Amelia in interviewing for the position, including preparing and providing interpretation during the interview. Amelia got the job and is continuing to develop her leadership skills through engagement with CASA’s program.”

Please join us in thanking these organizations and others that are meaningful to you for their dedication to providing workforce development opportunities for our communities.

We continue our 19 Days of Giving next week by highlighting nonprofits working in Early Childhood Education.

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