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Lindsey Keeney-Richards: Traditions Bank Artist Feature


Local artists are small business owners and the arts create far-reaching economic impact throughout our community. Traditions Bank feels privileged that these artists are our neighbors and friends.

When we built Traditions Center — our Administrative Headquarters — in 2013, we felt it was paramount to highlight and support unique artists who showcase what makes York a truly wonderful and unique place to live, work, and play.

In 2016, the Bank sponsored My York City Art Show and Sale where we purchased Lindsey Keeney-Richard’s “Rooftop York.” We felt the piece was a perfect addition to our collection. This is her description of that work:

“I am infatuated with the many layers of history visible in the city landscape. I love all the non-picturesque marks of human habitation (power lines, antennas, satellite dishes, air conditioning units, etc) mixed with the domes and steeples and elegant architecture mixed with the rustic and decay and mother nature reclaiming what is neglected. And I like to think of all the lives and little moments that have taken place in those spaces.”

Richards is a painter, potter and musician. She plays in the band, “Free Breakfast,” with her husband Pete Richards. Together, they live in Wrightsville with their two young children. In addition to being an artist themselves, Lindsey and Pete have supported many local and touring musicians and artists through their musical and artist venue, Sign of the Wagon.

Sign of the Wagon is a gallery, house concert venue, and recording studio housed in the Richards’ first home in downtown York, PA on East Philadelphia Street. They purchased the property in 2009 under the City of York’s Artist Homestead program. The Citywide Artist Homestead initiative, the only citywide artist relocation and homeownership program in the United States, offers two tiers of financial and amenity incentives to artists who purchase homes in the City of York, with priority given to artists who establish live-above-work studios. Until their move, Richards’ studios were housed in the residence. Sign of the Wagon hosts monthly First Friday gallery open houses, musical shows, and an annual holiday art market.

When asked what Richards loves about the local York artist community, she says, “The art community in York is so supportive and closeknit. The music community and small business community too. There is a lot of collaboration. Everyone is glad to promote their fellow artists/business people and share the spotlight. That’s the nice thing about a small pond — the big fish and the little fish are going to be bumping fins, so they might as well play nice.”

Traditions Bank is proud to support the creative community of local artists in York. We encourage you to explore Richards’ work at the monthly First Friday open houses at Sign of the Wagon and their annual holiday market.

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