New name, new look, same traditions

Bank unveils evolution of name and brand


York Traditions Bank is now Traditions Bank

York Traditions Bank unveiled a new brand at an Associates’ Annual Meeting held the evening of Tuesday, April 6, 2021. During this virtual event, President & CEO Eugene Draganosky and Founder & Chairman Michael Kochenour announced that the bank will now be doing business as Traditions Bank and introduced a new logo. The bank has not changed ownership or personnel.

The brand study began almost a year and a half ago, prior to the pandemic. The bank partnered with Financial Marketing Solutions of Franklin, TN to discover their authentic brand, and to help evolve the brand for the future. FMS is a full-service branding and strategic marketing agency that works exclusively with community banks around the country.

The agency conducted thorough meetings and interviews with the bank’s leadership and associates, as well as a dozen focus groups with customers and noncustomers in York, Hanover, and Lancaster. The goal was to learn how York Traditions Bank is perceived, both internally and in the marketplace, and how to move forward in a way that articulates the organization’s values, philosophy, mission, and promise.

“What we found through this process is that our brand is strong,” noted President & CEO Gene Draganosky. “We have a rich tradition, and this branding effort is simply a way to bring our culture and core values to life – to communicate them in an understandable and relatable way that adds meaning and emotion.”

Based on the extensive research and resulting insights, the decision was made to change the name to Traditions Bank to be inclusive of everyone the bank serves, both now and in the future. By simplifying the name, the bank is striving to be more inclusive, break down regional barriers, and bring their value proposition to more and more individuals and businesses.

“This does not mean that we are going to be any less committed to York,” assured the bank’s Founder and Chairman Mike Kochenour. “It is simply a natural progression. York is at the heart of who we are and it will always be with us. While it’s important to embrace new traditions, we think it’s equally important to honor our roots.”

The new logo is built upon six rectangular shapes to represent the bank’s original six core values. Looking closely at the left portion of the logo, a T for Traditions is revealed. Within the right portion, a B for Bank is visible. And at the very center of the logo is a Y to pay homage to York.

The new tagline, Make Your Mark, represents Traditions Bank’s desire to make a difference – to help their customers and communities accomplish their goals and reach their dreams. “Helping you make your mark is how we make ours” is a central theme of the bank’s upcoming advertising campaign.

“We’re incredibly excited about how this evolution will position us for success, no matter which community we’re serving,” continued Kochenour. “Traditions Bank is now stronger than ever, with the same energy, passion, and continued dedication to living our core values as we had when we wrote them.”

The bank’s website, marketing materials, and social channels will change to reflect the new name and brand on Thursday, April 8. Changes to online and mobile banking, as well as building signage will occur over the next few weeks.

“As great as they are, a new logo and a new tagline mean nothing without our associates,” concluded Draganosky. “Our people are the brand, and our brand is impactful. This messaging simply helps each one of us tell our story in a clear and effective way, helping us reach even greater heights.”

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