Your donors will love the convenience of e-Giving

Are you a nonprofit organization? E-Giving with Traditions Bank is an easy way to give your organizational revenue a boost, free up some staff time, and provide your donors with an option they are looking for.

Your donors make check or cash contributions. Not having cash or a check on hand might mean collecting no donation at all. Collected funds must be hand counted, cash and checks are manually recorded, and arrangements must be made to deposit the funds.

Offering electronic payments makes giving much more convenient!

Weekly or monthly debits to your donors’ accounts allow for improved and consistent cash flow and simplified record keeping. There is little time for the constant upkeep that goes with managing your account and keeping track of each donor’s contribution. But we can help!

With Traditions Bank E-Giving Service:

You allow donors to contribute every week or month automatically via recurring billing.

  • You program how often, when, and for how long to collect donations. (Consider how much easier it is to pledge $10 a month than $120 a year in a lump sum!)
  • People are willing to give more when they are less involved in making the payment.

Automatic payments guarantee regular and consistent collection.

  • People tend to give more when authorizing a regular deduction.
  • Cash flow becomes more predictable.

Managing collections is easier.

  • You spend less time keeping track of paper checks and processing your collections.
  • Staff who count money and enter data can be redeployed as more people use E-Giving.
  • You can produce reports and track donations closely.

Non-Profits qualify for discounted pricing through Traditions Bank!

For more information on E-Giving, contact Elizabeth Dellinger, Director of Treasury Management, at 717-747-2638 or

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