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Her Traditions strives to be a resource for women’s financial health and to celebrate and support women as we make our dreams a reality. As we focus on the vital role strong women play in our community, we encourage you to nominate women who inspire you.

Whether she is crushing it as a business owner, lifting others as a community builder, or inspiring women through leadership — we want to hear about it! Help us shine a light on strong women by sharing their stories.

Please email stories and nominations to Nicole Shaffer, Director of Her Traditions.

Olivia Quartey: Celebrating Strong Women and Moving Forward Towards a More Equitable World

On August 18th, the United States will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the passing of the 19th amendment— giving women the right to vote. While I find this to be an enormous feat in the history of the United States, I believe that there is still more to be done in the pursuit of equal rights for all women–everywhere.
Moving forward in a new era of understanding in the United States, speaking out against injustices and inequities is crucial to the well-being of all individuals. Having an open dialogue about how gender plays a role in everyday life is necessary for understanding and leveling the playing field.

At times, it is easier to reflect on how far society has progressed, rather than to look inwards at how our systems and institutions perpetuate misogyny, sexism, and racism— all beliefs that persist in hindering true equality among all people. Women from all intersections of life face inequalities from gendered income gaps, poverty gaps, gender biases, uneven promotional opportunities, and sexual harassment.

Until all women have equal opportunity, receive equal pay, and no longer live under a system of patriarchy, work towards equality will not be done.

With that being said, I wanted to take this opportunity to recognize a strong woman that inspires me every day. I believe that to uplift women, we must take the time to support them and to express our appreciation for their efforts. My mother, Grace Quartey, is an inspiration to all who meet her and radiates energy like no other. Her strong will, aptitude for learning, and ingenuity are all qualities that I aspire to have and I am proud to have her as a role model.

Finally, I wanted to express my gratitude for the Her Traditions program that has given me a platform to express myself in this capacity. I am thankful to be able to contribute to the program after receiving the Her Traditions scholarship in 2018. The support that Traditions Bank gives to young women as they enter a new phase of their academic journey is substantial and appreciated.


About Olivia Quartey:

Olivia is a 2018 graduate of Central York High School and is in her third year at Temple University. She is majoring in Sociology of Health / Pre-Med and is leaning towards studying Oncology or Internal Medicine.

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