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Finding Freedom in the Journey


She didn’t know it at the time, but Amy Chamberlin’s journey to strong financial health began when she attended her first Her Traditions event almost ten years ago. Since then, she has attended their Annual Women’s Event every year and credits Her Traditions with getting her started talking about money.

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Amy has become one of the many success stories of women who’ve utilized the Her Traditions Financial Personality Indicator (FPI) to identify steps to improve their financial wellness. The FPI is a trademarked resource through Traditions Bank that shows how women relate to money through one of four personality types. It also gives a financial preparedness snapshot, which helps identify action steps.

What drove Amy to take the FPI was genuine curiosity and a desire to see if her predictions were correct. She was not surprised when she was deemed a “Freedom Finder” personality type – which is where one lives in the moment and is focused on enjoying life but often doesn’t place managing finances high on the list of priorities.

“I did not have any fears about taking the FPI,” Amy shared. “It was when it came time to receive my results that I felt fear, trepidation, and anxiety, knowing my type and the typical traits associated with it. The personality traits of a Freedom Finder are often viewed as ‘negative,’ such as not being a planner and not worrying about the details.”

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Despite her initial fears, Amy learned more about herself when she received her results and embraced how she related to money. One of the biggest benefits was that the conversation was judgment-free and focused on her unique needs.

“It validated certain things, such as how I approached money. It helped me identify areas to improve. The hard data and information in front of me served as a good starting point to make changes in my financial journey.”

Two years ago, Amy found herself at a high point of frustration and anxiousness with her financial situation. She needed guidance on addressing the mounting debt she had accrued. While at Traditions’ Eastern Boulevard branch, she had the opportunity to meet Jamie Reid, Branch Manager. Amy felt comfortable approaching him for support. When she told him her situation, he immediately wanted to help and sat down to create a plan together.

Reflecting, Amy notes, “It took courage and vulnerability to open up like that to ask for help. I knew from the beginning that someone from Traditions Bank could help me, and Jamie was the perfect person to do so.”

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With Jamie serving as an accountability partner and resource, they identified priority areas, brainstormed solutions, and pointed Amy in the right direction. Amy relays how proud she is of the hard work she put in, acknowledging her trust in Jamie and his guidance along the way. It was a positive relationship, and Jamie never failed to celebrate her victories on the path to success.

If Amy could offer advice to other women who may be fearful of taking that first step, she would say,

“I get that it can feel overwhelming to share your situation. It can be hard, but once I did it, I felt so relieved. I can see the tangible progress I have made and am proud of how I manage my money now. Finances are no longer a major stressor in my life.”

When presented with a great offer to buy her house, Amy consulted with Jamie and used those profits to increase her retirement contribution, grow her savings, and eliminate her debt. Her life is entirely different compared to two years ago, and she could not be more thankful for the support of Jamie and Her Traditions.

While every woman’s story is unique, finding a path toward financial wellness is possible for everyone. Click here to take the first step of your journey by taking our Financial Personality Indicator.

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